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No more Leashing & Unleashing!

Harness and Retractable Leash in 1!

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Harness + Retractable Leash in 1

All you possibly need in 1 piece!

Highest quality adjustable Harness with award winning retractable dog leash attached to it gives you the control and comfort you need, all at once! Forget leashing &unleashing and enjoy the most advanced leash on the market! 

Intelligent  Use with Harness and Retractable Dog Leash in 1!

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A 2,5m/8ft long highest quality retractable leash is attached to the Hybrid Harness. An innovative and intelligent auto-lock technology allows you to control or free your dog at any time by simply holding the handle or releasing it, while the leash stays attached to the harness, making it super easy for you not to hustle with leashing and unleashing ever again!


Additional STOP button on the leash ensures you can fix the length of the cord at any time!

Fixed Harness Handle For Maximum Control

Harness handle is soft padded and very comfortable. It can help an owner lift a dog upstairs or other physically challenging situations. It also allows the maximum control over you dog, keeping him out of harm's way. Maximum control with ease!

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