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1. How long is the Lishinu leash?


The leash is 3 meters (just under 10 feet) long, providing your dog with supervised freedom.

2. How does the auto-lock system actually work?


It works exactly the same as a seat belt in a car. When the force is applied mechanism locks and the cord stops moving. In other words; when your dog wants to jump somewhere mechanism locks immediately and prevents him to do it the same second he starts. And if you want to lock the mechanism because you want to bring your dog closer or prevent him to go further you simply move your wrist in a small and fast way, the mechanism locks the cord and it is locked until the force is not removed. The best way to imagine it is by thinking of a seat belt in a car. If you move it slowly and evenly it runs freely, but if you move it in a fast way, it locks.



3. What is the maximum load on a leash?


The weight of your dog and the force at which the dog pulls on the leash are the two factors for estimating load. We recommend that the Lishinu load be kept below 40kg  to avoid possible malfunction of the leash, with a preferred maximum load of no greater than 45 kg.

4. Can I wear it on my wrist only?


Absolutely not! Lishinu can be used as all others leashes by holding it in your hand but in addition it can be simply put to your wrist, making it a hands free leash.

5. Does Lishinu have a way for locking the length of the leash so it remains at a certain distance?


Yes.  With Lishinu Stopper the leash can be put in full lock, locking the length of the cord on a specific distance.

6. Can I walk two dogs at the same time?


With Double Leash you can walk two dogs simultaneously.



7. How does the leash work with a larger breed?


Lishinu has a recommended use with dogs up to 40 kg, but it is tested to withstand forces up to 120 kg, which makes it a very strong leash.

8. Do you also sell wholesale?


Yes, we do. Contact our coworker via this email:

9. Will this fit on my wrist?


The Lishinu has an adjustable belt which fits every wrist.

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